The Photography of William Milberry

front-page-3xWelcome to the web site of William Milberry, which serves as my home base for sharing my photography and interests.

I have a diverse background which includes working as a computer analyst and living in Japan where I taught English and met my wife.  I consider myself to be fortunate to be both a little bit right and left brained, which makes me attracted to the art of photography because I see it as a marriage of both the technical and artistic.

I’m incredibly curious and love to find the beauty in the world through my camera.  Please visit my blog  for frequent postings of interesting images or check my photo galleries to browse collections of images I’ve put together, including many photos from Japan.

I also speak Japanese and enjoy translating Japanese songs into English for practice and fun.  As I find time I will post my translation in the Japanese Translated Songs section, sometimes be accompanied by subtitled music videos, so check it out.  If you have any requests for a Japanese song you would like to have translated, please contact me.

If you are interested in licensing or using any of my photographs or wish to discuss having me do a Japanese to English translation for you please feel free to contact me.  Give me as much information about your needs in your message and I will reply promptly.